Bound My Bitch – new site spandex bondage domination


Introducing Our New Site!
Bound My Bitch
– Intense Bondage Girls and Domination

BoundMyBitch is our sister site. It is highly recommended not to join if you have already a membership to Shiny Kitty! On our new site you will find lots of bondage and bdsm content which is not available on Shiny Kitty. But if you like spandex fetish only, we suggest the Shiny Kitty membership only!

If you are interested in Spandex and Bondage BDSM “Bound My Bitch” is the best source for you!!! We updating weekly new picture or video content. This site contains some harder content.

Step inside and watch as two beautiful brunettes slip their slim bodies into full body spandex suits and bind their hands and feet in the cold steel of handcuffs, or put those handcuffs on a man hungry for his punishment. Clad in their spandex catsuits these beautiful and unforgiving women administer their sexually laced breed of ball torture and whipping. Step inside and get instant access now!