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Shinydolls – Taylor and Lola in shiny clothing

New Shiny site launched Shinydolls. Site featured themed photos and videos, erotic stories and fetish 3d artwork. Shinydolls means Taylor and Lola you may know already from great sites like Shinymovies and Shinyangels. Both girls now modeling exclusive on a new website. Site is updating several times a month with fresh video content of girls. See Lola masturbating in mini shorts and pantyhose, Megan fucking dildo attached to a wall, Lola rubbing her pussy while showing you her tight ass, Taylor and Magan take turns sitting on each others face, Lola degrades you while you jack off this may offend some etc. Shiny-dolls features videos and photos of super cute girls dressed in Latex Rubber Vinyl PVC Plastic and Pantyhose. The Girls Taylor is a student by day and works as a hostess in a local restaurant. BUT at night she turns into a shiny spandex slut who loves to dress up and make naughty photos and videos. Lola is a naughty little fetish girl. She loves shiny fetish and wearing spandex and rubber in her fetish videos. She loves to masturbate while wearing shiny panties. She also loves to be tied up while being pleasured.